All students in Ostentum School follow a similar program of studies and learn the same subjects. When deciding on the best Faculty for each of the students, our magical Sorting-Hat considers their aptitudes, their talents, and temper. The student’s own wishes count as well.

UHLWISSEN – from German ‘uhl’ /owl/ and wißen /wisdom/
The students of Uhlwissen find the source of their powers
in the sphere of intellect and logics.
“I think, therefore, I am” – that was said about those like them.
The Dean of the Faculty of Uhlwissen
is the teacher of History of Magic, Professor August Wilhelm.

FLAMMENOR – from German ‘flamme’ /flame/
Flammenor students have a vivid imagination
and flamboyant creativity. They more often rely on their intuition.
The line “I imagine” is the foundation of their powers.
The Dean of the Faculty of Flammenor
is the teacher of sTransfiguration, Professor Terra.

CERVUS – from Latin ‘cervus’ /deer/
The powers of the students at Cervus stem from
their impetuous physicality and emotional dynamics.
“I feel to comprehend” is the undertone of their existence.
The Dean of the Faculty of Cervus
is the teacher of Magical Dynamics, Professor Edwin.