In 2017/2018, Ostentum School will open on the 14th of October.

Our school days are three Sundays a month.
Ostentum School is located in St. Petersburg, near Sadovaya street, Between Gostiny Dvor and Sennaya Ploschad’ subway stations. Please, do not waste time perusing the website for our precise address – it isn’t here! Our address is only revealed in a letter written in emerald ink.

You can request an invitation to our School by sending an E-mail to with the word “Application” in the subject line. Please, specify the child’s name, surname, age, and address. Don’t forget to include your own name and at least two contact phone numbers.

You are also welcome to call the following phone numbers to receive more information about OSTENTUM SCHOOL:

8-931-305-97-39 ; 8-911-232-97-61 – Olga Arkadyevna 8-921-918-12-70 – Irina Borisovna 8-921-927-27-73 – Irina Aleksandrovna

Children are enrolled according to their age: 7 and 8-years old – first year, 8 to 9 – second, 10 to 11 – third, 11 to 12 – fourth, 12 to 13 – fifth, 13 to 14 – sixth, and, finally, students aged 14 or older become students in the seventh form.

Ostentum School also offers a course for adults.

For his or her studies each student needs:

  • one plain black cloak/gown
  • a drawing folder with separate А4 sheets
  • crayons
  • a set of markers (12 colors)
  • a ruler
  • origami paper
  • counting sticks
  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • notebooks (18 sheets)
  • pens, pencils (HB, #2), erasers.
  • The School Year Opening Ceremony includes the Sorting-Hat Ritual, in which all new students are assigned to one of the three Ostentum Faculties. The Faculties are awarded points for the performance of their students throughout the year. At the end of the Spring Session we hold a tournament – The Quest for the Chalice of Fire – and the Faculty that has scored the most points (as a total of both the school year points.