Ostentum School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was founded – a long time ago by now – under the influence of books by Joanne Kathleen Rowling. That is hardly surprising, since her stories about a young magician always end in a triumphant victory of the virtues we all would like to see in our children: the power of the spirit, ardent friendship, the strength to stand up for one’s beliefs, the hunger for knowledge, diligence, generosity, and loyalty. It is those qualities, and not spells and magical artifacts, that make one a true magician. Every person has their unique talents, his or her creative and analytical powers which could be developed and attuned to a genuinely magical level. All that one requires is patience and perseverance.

Which is to say – one needs to study and constantly practice. And for that purpose, we created a school.

Ostentum was never anything like a fan-club or a role-playing community. Perhaps, that is the reason why our School is still functioning after all these years, while many “Hogwartses” spring up, and close down soon afterward. We do have a magic Sorting-Hat at our School, and we wear magicians’ gowns, but to us, Magic is really the art of using our powers of consciousness, awareness, responsibility, and erudition to change our lives for the better.

The School’s program of studies includes various activities for the children to strengthen their learning abilities, to stimulate their creativity, to train their memory and intellect, as well as to find new ways of sensing and perceiving reality. Our students practice different ways of focusing attention, dealing with stress, and balancing their emotional sphere. We also teach the basics of art-therapy, the history of cultures, mythology, world literature and arts, source study, communication ethics, rhetoric, linguistics, and more.

We meet three Sundays a month, October through May with kids between 7 and 17 years of age who come to our School to study magical arts and skills—mastering constructive thinking, acquiring adequate perception of the world around them and their place within it, cherishing friendship and knowledge, learning self-reliance.

We have truly magical students, quite a miracle in themselves: talented and delicate, shy and assertive, inspired and practical—they all dream of becoming magicians. And the professors believe: the future lies in the hands of those not afraid to pursue their dream and make it come true!

Ostentum School Founders:
Professor Terra Flamea
Professor Skald
Professor Eidan Green
Professor August Wilhelm