Applied Magic – The magic that happens when one is adept at thinking quickly and logically. The course helps students develop their learning skills, their memory, to discover their intellectual and creative potential. Students also learn to integrate, differentiate, and analyze information.

Transfiguration – The magic brought about by the ability to get a full picture of the situation at hand, in the entirety of its details and dynamic change. Students learn the theory and practice of selecting and obtaining crucial information, they work to develop their sensitivity and instincts, to learn effective communication. We work with the will and intentions to materialize one’s goals.

Magical Dynamics – The magic obtained by knowledge of oneself and self-control. We explore the founding principles and psychotechnics of several body-oriented practices.We show our students how to organize their emotional sphere, to use their artistic potential, and to practice art-therapy.

History of Magic – History of various world cultures. Mythologies, world literature and art. Source study.

Magical Creatures – Historico-cultural zoology and ecology. Nature in the history of religion, in mythology and other aspects of culture, in symbols and visual arts.

Herbology and Potions – Therapetical aspects of botanics and mineralogy. Interaction with nature as a psycho-practice.

Signs and Symbols – Symbols in world religions and cultures. Symbols in visual arts. Symbols in mystical traditions. Heraldics.

Charms – Rhethoric and the basics of linguistics. Composing poetry.

Defense against the Dark Arts – Safety rules for interpersonal and social interaction, religious studies.

Social Magic – The ethics of communication. Choosing an adequate form of communication (tone, speech register, etc.) for various circumstances.

Extracurriculars – We offer Music, Honorable Duel, and Latin.